Dolphin Design Provides Quality Aquariums To The Bay Area

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Advantages over the pet stores

Our prices are more competitive, 10-20% less!

We have a fraction of the overhead costs of a pet store. We don’t have a public store front and that keeps our costs low. We pass the savings onto you!

We are so confident that we are the lowest price for professional aquarium maintenance that if you show us a maintenance bill from a pet store we will beat it by 10-20%!

Low employee turnover rate

Most of our staff is invested in our company. That means your aquarium won’t be serviced by a different person every month. Many of our clients have had the same employee knocking on their door for over 20 years!

Advantages over the little guys

It is not impossible to run an aquarium maintenance company out of your garage. Here are some advantages our company has over those 1 man operations: We have been serving the bay area since 1962 and our staff has over 100 years combined experience. We carry liability insurance in case we damage something in your home or business. Many smaller companies can not afford this.

Faster response time

If you have a problem you might be waiting a long time for a small aquarium service company to show up. We have a larger, more experienced staff that can respond to unexpected issues faster.

Large facility

We hand pick our fish at the wholesalers and quarantine them at our shop before they are delivered to you. Smaller companies often don’t have the resources to properly acclimate fish from the distributor to your aquarium.

30 day guarantee on new livestock (for monthly clients)

This is the best guarantee in the industry. That includes many saltwater fish! Many of our competitors don’t have ANY guarantee on saltwater fish.